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Esther Nariyoshi

Esther Nariyoshi

Surface Pattern Designer + Letterer

I have worked as an Art Director, Interactive Designer, and Creative Director before I fell in love with the beautiful world of surface pattern design and lettering. I greatly enjoy playful motifs, organic shapes as well as charms of geometry.

I love to work in vectors, the flexibility and scalability of vector artwork relax me. I usually start out an idea on paper, once my heart is struck by the sketches, I’d translate and articulate them in Illustrator, or other vector drawing apps on my ipad pro. My college and master’s degrees involve quite a bit of training in both science and art, which reflects my love for both worlds. I love the spontaneity of freehand drawing, but also enjoy the process of meticulous calculation and applying geometric principles to make my pattern.

When I am not working on patterns, I like to sew and cook ?

Thanks for stopping by. If you are interested in licensing my existing designs or keeping informed of my upcoming collections, please drop me a line to let me know ?  !

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